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Supply die-casting aluminium alloy antistatic floor

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Product name: Antistatic floor
Current price: The face is discussed
The smallest order: Do not be restricted
Offer goods gross: Do not be restricted
Deliver goods deadline: Deliver goods inside 10 days
Seat: Chinese Sichuan saves the Chengdu City
Suffer attention to spend:
Period of efficacy comes: On November 21, 2008
Limited company of science and technology of Chengdu Hui Hua
Mr Yang Zhongquan (manager)
Examine connection way
Address: The Chengdu City bright phearl of river of the 10 thousand sand that start a market 16 2 1 unit 801
Postcode: -
Phone: 86-028-88001536
Mobile phone: 13880806798
Fax: 86-028-84458791
Network address: Http://chencn111.b2b.hc360.comHttp://

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