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Antistatic of the floor clean a method

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Antistatic periodic of the need after PVC floor is using period of time is cleaned, and care and maintenance should notice in use process. The frequency that clean is 6 months commonly second, according to the environment different can increase clean a frequency.


1, antistatic the floor is cleaned, add burnish of water of the candle since the floor to clean a floor with burnish machine first, burnish of reoccupy neutral scour cleans a floor.

2, after be being cleaned with clear water, floor of blot of rapid water machine.

3, after the floor is completely fully dry, even besmear place troops on garrison duty is electrostatic and special electrostatic candle water.

4, the floor waxes 8 hours rear can use.

1, avoid by all means contains acrimonious, harsh heavy thing to undertake delimiting brushing in floor surface, dilatory, avoid to wear the shoe that has nail to walk on the floor, maintain floor appearance bright and clean level off.

2, avoid the chair that contains the mat end black balata and other article are placed on the floor. In order to prevent the black sulfide pollution to the floor.

3, board the surface is met pollution of place of material be waitinged for by wheel of adhesive, rubber, paint, fireworks, want special caution so. If floor surface has smeary dirty content, usable decontamination content, center washs Chu agent to swab. Be brushed by cut like local surface wool, usable fine waterproof abrasive paper brings arenaceous light.

4, board can become angry below the long-term illuminate of the sun, be out of shape. Adding hot circumstance for a long time to fall to also can be out of shape at the same time, want to install shading act so.

5, the floor is used need to keep dry, avoid by all means immerses for long in water, cause floor come unglued.

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