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Antistatic standard of PVC floor construction

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Construction of system of 1.4.9 ground connection should include sub of besmear electric conduction, copper Foil of earth mat of electric Copper Foil, ground connection, earthing terminal, ground connection is brought get offline, the content such as ground connection body. Outside setting except this chapter, the others should accord with this normative regulation.
After 1.4.10 shops stick exercise to finish, ground cleanness clean, should besmear Fu is antistatic candle protection.
4.5 tests and quality inspection
4.5.1 antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ground testing instrument should be the same as this standard the demand that commonly used detector of the 3.5.1st “ has ” .
4.5.2 tests environment: Temperature should be between 15—30 ℃ ; Relative humidity is less than 70%
4.5.3 antistatic polyethylene (PVC) the exterior resistance of the ground and systematic resistance should use the following measurement technique:
The measurement of 1 surface resistor: Should will whole antistatic the ground breaks up 2—4m2 to measure extent, the measurement of random and draw-out 30%—50% area, part two electrode park sticks face plate surface, extremely span 900mm, electrode and the osculatory Ying Liang that stick face plate are good. A 4—8 is measured in the extent a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of draw-out 2—4m2 numeric, make a record.
The measurement of 2 systems resistor: Should be in be apart from each earthing terminal the closest area, random and draw-out a certain number of dots, should will one electrode and stick face plate surface good contact, another electrode should connect with earthing terminal photograph, measure a systematic resistance, make a record.
Method of 3 quality assess should be pressed " chase programs of batch of examination sampling by attributes to reach sampling table " GB2828 regulation is carried out.
Index of 4.5.4 report function should accord with the following requirement:
1 requirement is had guide electrostatic model, its surface resistor and systematic resistance under 1.0×106Ω;
2 requirements have electrostatic dissipation model, its surface resistor and systematic resistance are between 1.0×106~1.0×109Ω .
Resistance of 3 systems ground connection should satisfy a design to ask.
4.5.5 exteriors function should accord with the following requirement:
1 disaccord is available phenomenon of beat, statified, chap;
2 without apparently uneven;
3 without apparent nick;
4 without clear off color.
4.5.6 carry on antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) the unit that the ground detects, answer to have the authoritative orgnaization that issues aptitude of corresponding test report to hold the position of by what receive national authorization.

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