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Antistatic standard of PVC floor construction

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1.1 general provisions
1.1.1 antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ground construction content includes setup of system of basic level processing, ground connection, glue to make up, antistatic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) stick face plate (the following abbreviation) the shop that sticks face plate is stuck with clean construction, test and quality inspection.
Temperature of 1.1.2 construction site should between 10-35 ℃ ; Opposite temperature must not is more than 80% ; Ventilated Ying Liang is good. Each engineering construction should end indoor other basically already.
1.2 material, equipment and tool
1.2.1 construction should accord with the following requirement with material:
1 stick face plate: Physical function and exterior dimension should be accorded with " antistatic stick face plate current standard " the requirement of SJ/T11236, have permanent antistatic function. Its bulk reachs exterior resistor: Guide electrostatic model stick the resistance of face plate to answer under 1.0×106Ω , the resistance go to a doctor of electrostatic dissipation face plate is in for 1.0×106-1.0×109Ω .
2 electric glue: Should dispute water-solubility glue, resistance should be less than the resistance that sticks face plate, bonding strength should be more than 3×106N/M2
3 plastic welding rod: Should use colour and lustre even, external diameter is consistent, flexible good stuff.
4 electric earth mat use Copper Foil: Ply should not be less than 0.025mm, wide appropriate is 15mm.
1.2.2 stick face plate to should store in the warehouse that opening airing dry, be far from acerbity, alkaline reach other caustic material. Light light discharge answers when carrying, forbidden vigorously is bumped. Forbidden park drench of the insolation outdoor.
Equipment of 1.2.3 commonly used construction (contain a tool) should include hammer of groover, plastic welding torch, rubber, cut knife, straightedge, brush, wax machine, its norms, function and technical index should accord with construction craft requirement.
1.3 construction prepare
Construction of 1.3.1 familiar designs pursues and reconnaissance construction site.
1.3.2 make the programme of construction, scale is antistatic graph of system of ground ground connection, earthing terminal graph and earth mat arrange a plan.
1.3.3 basises construction craft asks equipment is neat all sorts of construction material, equipment, tool, put orderly.
When 1.3.4 areas area is more than 140m2, demonstrative sex laid should be done before formal construction.
1.3.5 construction site should accord with following requirements:
When ground of 1 basic level is cement floor or terrazzo ground:
1) ground Ying Qingjie, answer to clear the odd-come-short such as ground paint, adhesive clean.
2) the ground should level off, with examination of 2 meters of straightedge, clearance should be less than 2mm. If have uneven or crannied place must fill smooth.
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