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Zhuhai pottery and porcelain is antistatic floor

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One, material is qualitative 1, in density board base material, antistatic Bo fossil facing, ground floor is plating zine plate or aluminium board, electric glue sealing side. 2, full board base material, antistatic Bo fossil facing, electric glue sealing side, the rock-bottom zine plate that it is plating or aluminium board. 2, this product belongs to product function material of electrostatic dissipation sex, systematic resistor is stable, have antistatic, tall wear-resisting, fire prevention, moistureproof, face bright and clean and decorous, fight corrupt ability the advantage such as level off of strong, laid. Classics MII is antistatic the product detects the center detects, each function all achieves a requirement. * report function: Systematic resistor 10*6 second bend over of <50 of voltage of the report since the report of 8 Fang Jing of ——10 declines partly time < function of 0.5 * machinery: All cloth load > 1600kg centers load > 450kg faze spends < 2mm * ageing resistance: Service life floor of standard of * of 30 years of above: 600*600*40 * defends igneous performance: Material of fire prevention of national class A 3, scope of application can differ according to using an environment, all sorts of facing design and color can choose, and Bo fossil facing is green building materials, apply to general antistatic requirement and the circumstance that ground of built on stilts asks. 4, technical parameter (executive standard SJ/T10796-2001)

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