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Antistatic floor construction craft, maintain method

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5, uphold use requirement
1. uses an environment: The room temperature control of electrostatic floor is in shop fortify 15.C - 35.C, humidity control is in 45 % - 75 % RH; If use condition. . . . View of referenced Jiangsu person
2. upholds a requirement:
(1) the appliance with sharp taboo is direct in the floor apparently direct construction is operated, those who prevent to destroy the surface is antistatic function and beautiful degree;
(2) prohibit in use process personnel jumps directly from tower above fall to the floor, prohibit carrying pretty of equipment Shi Ye to operate, pound a floor board;
(3) when mobile on mobile floor equipment, prohibit driving device directly on board face, cut floor, right way is to raise equipment to undertake carrying;
(4) when the computer room has heavy-duty facility, answer to fall equipment on area base directly, cannot fall on the floor directly and cause a floor to load for a long time be out of shape;
(5) when undertaking maintenance to floor bottom equipment, application is sucked board implement suck a floor to undertake operating, taboo acute implement cruel tear open outfit;
(6) in safeguarding, can be to use cleaner or mop maintains board face cleanness, basically should not spill the liquid to the floor particularly.
(7) floor surface can be hit regularly antistatic candle is safeguarded, assure the use result of the floor for a long time thereby.

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