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Antistatic floor construction craft, maintain method

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One, the requirement to laid field
The laid of 1. floor should indoors earth is built reach decorate after ending, undertake
2. floor should level off, clean, dry, without sundry, without dirt;
3. decorates the conduit such as the cable below the floor, electric equipment, air and air conditioning system to should be in the construction before installing a floor board ends;
Base of 4. heavy equipment is secured should finishing, equipment installation is on base, base height should finish height to agree with the surface on the floor;
Power source of 220V/50HZ of stock of 5. construction site and fountainhead.

2, the floor installs a tool
1. professional cut curiums 2. Laser level determines appearance 3. Bleb gradienter, tape measure, the line in a carpenter's ink marker 4. Suck board implement, nut adjustment spanner, crossed screwdriver;
5. cleaner, broom, mop;

3, construction measure
1. checks ground flatness and metope verticality seriously, if discovery does not accord with construction to ask, ying Xiangjia just concerns a branch to put forward;
2. is pulled horizontal, use floor installation the line in a carpenter's ink marker to play to metope highly, the floor after assuring laid is on same horizontal, measure indoor length, width
Laid of appropriate choice is fiducial the position in order to reduce the cut of the floor, the reseau clue that gives installation support is played in the ground;
The height that the bracket that 3. will install adjusts same need puts support the crossed across part of ground reseau line;
4. uses bolt to secure crossbeam to bracket, use one by one of horizontal feet, square correctional beam, those who make is mutual on same plane perpendicular;
5. is used suck board implement the floor is set on the beam that has assembled;
6. if odd dimension is less than floor itself length by the side of the wall, the method that can cut cede territory board undertakes going all out filling;
7. is when laid floor, chase a make level with bleb gradienter, the height of the floor relies on bracket adjustment;
8. places heavier equipment in the computer room when, answer to increase outfit support below the floor of equipment base, in case the floor is out of shape;
9. activity floor needs cut or when starting a hole, electric drill should apply to hit ◎ in mouth turning point 6 - 8 circles of ◎ aperture, prevent to stick a face to rupture.

4, floor laid checks and accept a standard
Of 1. activity floor below with floor surface Ying Qingjie, without dirt, hangover;
2. floor surface does not have nick, fall off without coating, edge without damaged;
Whole of the floor after 3. shop is installed should be stabilized firm, personnel above walk not due shake feeling, not due noise;
The edge of 4. floor should assure all the time line, amlposition of photograph adjacent floor is not more than 1mm;
Floor of 5. photograph adjacent piece high difference is not more than 1mm.
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