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Antistatic the same point of floor and network floor and different point?

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4, aluminium alloy is antistatic floor
This floor is aluminium alloy material become via machining after fusion, intensity is high, fire prevention, waterproof properties is good, board base have reclaim value, in electric power industry application is compared much.
5, copy entrance woodiness is antistatic floor
This floor according to imports a floor to make treatment and become, the shell is beautiful, performance is good, apply to of all kinds computer room.
6, PVC is antistatic floor
This product is with PVC colophony gives priority to body, via special treatment craft is made and become, form between PVC particle interface guide electrostatic network, have permanent antistatic function. The exterior is like marble, have better adornment effect. Apply to the requirement such as computer room of programmed control of industry of telegraphic, electron, computer room, clean workshop to purify reach antistatic place.

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