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Electrostatic have much harm to human body?

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If put on chemical fibber dress and insulated shoes to be in,in dry season the ground of insulation walks wait for an activity, on human body body electrostatic can amount to thousands of bend over even tens of thousands of bend over. If human body is electrostatic,exceed 2 - 3kV, the contact that become a person can produce electrostatic electrical shock when ground connection metal, if electrostatic voltage is very tall, can mix to human body psychology physiology causes certain effect.

Divide electrostatic to human body electrical shock outside, consider to make clear, the electromagnetism field strength that electrostatic discharge generates is very strong, short Dan Jijiang of time of effect of field of this kind of strong electromagnetism is spent far stronger than field of electromagnetism of mobile phone radiant, and the time of discharge is very much, its cannot be ignored to the action of human body.

And human body is electrostatic whether to have connection with cancer, require further research. But human body suffers effect of radiant of electrostatic electrical shock and this kind of strong electromagnetism for a long time is adverse to human body, should wear so antistatic take with antistatic shoe, and installation detects antistatic take and antistatic the testing instrument of shoe effect and equipment, install in conditional Shi Yingan electrostatic detect warning decice.

A few small doohickey in daily life can reduce electrostatic harm lowermost limit, the easiest the humidity that the most efficient also way maintains surroundings namely. As the addition of humidity, in the environment electrostatic be guided. So, you scatter some of water to perhaps raise some of flowers and plants in the room, can achieve a goal, of course, it is better to have vapour generator.
Returning those who need an attention is the dress that wears pure cotton as far as possible, both neither of chemical fibber clothings is comfortable, it is the culprit of electrostatic harm, cannot take really.

Manufacturing situation is electrostatic voltage
65~90% of humidity 10~20% humidity
In the 35000V 1500V when ambulating on carpet
In the 12000V 250V when ambulating on vinyl floor
The hand takes the 7000V 600V when ethylene polybag loads parts of an apparatus
Be versed in in automation line a 20000V 1200V when contacting polyester model bag
In jockey with get together amine ester kind the 18000V 1500V when the contact

Electrostatic the puncture voltage to partial electronic parts
The smallest susceptibility of EOS/ESD of type of parts of an apparatus (express with electrostatic voltage V) the smallest susceptibility of EOS/ESD of type of parts of an apparatus (express with electrostatic voltage V)
VMOS 30~1800 MOSFET 100~200
Arsenic changes above of gallium FET 100~300 EPROM 100
Filter of surface acoustic wave of JFET 140~7000 SAW() 150~500
Operation amplifier 190~2500 CMOS 250~3000
300~3000 of resistor of film of 300~2500 SMD of diode of Xiao Te radical
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