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False and inferior antistatic floor product overruns, how to do?

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Cave in, rupture wait for serious quality problem.

7, ply of crossbeam tube wall is decreased from 0.8mm/1.0mm thin to 0.3mm, 0.4mm, because crossbeam is too soft,create a floor board four periphery become warped
Rise, cause floor dent badly, rupture problem.

At present the project all is to always include adornment company, and adornment company all is attached most importance to with the interest, so nature of false and inferior product has quite big market, what entrap finally is direct user and direct consumer.

How will identify false and inferior product? As the client for adept and very few. But ‘ ’ of a minute of goods can identify a minute of price true and false.

Overrun in the light of false and inferior product, chinese MII is antistatic supervise detect the center came on stage last year sample detect hair free captive animals produces certificate of approval, did not achieve quality pilot goal likewise.

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