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Computer computer room is antistatic technology

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4. The computer is electrostatic the characteristic of breakdown:
1) . Because the computer is electrostatic the breakdown characteristic that causeA. What electrostatic breakdown appears is seasonal, basically be wintry spring dry period, that is to say is electrostatic along with humidity change. B. Electrostatic the trouble that cause is abiogenesis the gender is much, repeatability is not strong, it is the breakdown of random sex commonly, accordingly, be hard to find out the cause that its cause. C. Electrostatic the floor board that uses with computer room. The coverall of use furniture and staff member is concerned. D. Electrostatic when causing movement of computer occurrence error, often be when human body or other dielectric and computer equipment connects when touching, happen.

2) . Electrostatic discharge causes the cause of computer breakdownA. Because voltaic instantaneous sheds classics housing, to line, the inductive noise that power supply cord produces. B. As a result of the high pressure of electrostatic generation, cause housing ground, safe potential is fluctuant, cause the potential that arises logically to change thereby. C. The electromagnetic wave that generates partly as a result of the contact when electrostatic discharge gives the radiate at signal noise

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