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Computer computer room is antistatic technology

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1. Foreword
Of computer room antistatic technology, it is to belong to computer room safety at defending one part of the category. What arise as a result of a variety of reasons is electrostatic, it is to happen the most frequent, one of harms that eliminate the hardest. Electrostatic can run occurrence random failure to the computer not only, and still can bring about certain yuan of parts of an apparatus, be like circuit of CMOS, MOS, the puncture that wait mixes circuit of dual class sex destroy. In addition, return meeting influence to operate personnel and the regular job that maintain staff and health of body and mind. The computer is in national economy each domains, such as atmosphere forecasts forecast, aviation management, railroad to carry, finance of carry of battalion of communication of business of post and telecommunications, microwave, negotiable securities, finance, orbiter, missile launchs the application that waits for a respect to gain ground increasingly with development, heating up these domains is with the country of renown economy be closely bound up, once all of computer science department malfunctions in move, especially big trouble can give a country the name economic belt helps the loss with huge specified amount, the politics that cause is affected more not allow to ignore.

2. Of the computer room electrostatic reach its to defend electrostatic the problem that pose not only hardware personnel is very difficult fish, still can be software personnel considers as software breakdown by accident sometimes, cause working disorder thereby. In addition, electrostatic when discharging to the computer or other equipment through human body (namely so called strike a light) reach certain level when energy, also meet a person feel with what get an electric shock, cause an operating system to make the mortgage that maintains staff, influence work efficiency. How to avoid electrostatic harm, involve the design of the computer not only, and have very big concern with the structure of computer room and ambient conditions. When build and running computer room, the analysis is static the influence to the computer, study its breakdown is characteristic, locate the root with electrostatic generation, make reduce down to to eliminate electrostatic step, it is a main task from beginning to end.

3. Electrostatic electrostatic to the influence of the computer the influence to the computer, basically reflect the influence in parts of an apparatus of electrostatic half-and-half conductor to go up. Can say semiconductor device is right electrostatic sensitive, namely the computer is right electrostatic sensitive. As the development of computer industry, the main element that constitutes a computer -- semiconductor device also got rapid development. As a result of the high density of semiconductor device, tall gain, promoted the high rate of the computer, high density, high capacity and miniaturization again. Meanwhile, also brought about semiconductor device itself more and more sensitive to electrostatic reaction. Electrostatic to the influence of the computer the watch has two sort model. One kind is component is damaged, one kind is to cause computer misoperation or operation error. Component is damaged basically is what be used at the computer only is medium, circuit of large scale integration, right bipolar circuit also has certain effect. To inchoate MOS circuit, when electrostatic electrical body (electrostatic voltage is very normally tall) primary when be in charge of a leg to MOS circuit, electrostatic electrical body discharges to its, make MOS circuit puncture. In recent years, the density as a result of MOS circuit tall, speed fast, price is low, got wide application and development consequently. At present most MOS circuit has termination to protect circuit, rose to fight electrostatic protective ability. Nevertheless, when reuse, when be being maintained especially and changing, want to notice electrostatic star likewise, exorbitant electrostatic voltage still can make MOS circuit puncture. Electrostatic the misoperation that cause or operation mistake, it is You Jing report is electrified cease touch when the computer, to computer discharge, make computer logic component inputs wrong signal likely, cause the computer to make mistake. Serious person still can be the calculation that sends the computer the program is disorder. In addition electrostatic also have apparent effect to the peripheral equipment of the computer. Take the indication facility of the CRT, should get when static, can cause image disorder, faintness is not asked. Electrostatic still will create Modem, network the job such as card, Fax is wrong, of printer walk along a line to be not arranged wait for breakdown.
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