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Old antistatic how is the floor maintained?

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To save natural resources of cost, economic nation, my company can be maintained for the client old antistatic floor, have among them: HDG is antistatic floor of complete steel activity, aluminium alloy is antistatic mobile floor.

General maintenance method is:
1, will old antistatic floor surface sticks a face to keep clear of clean;
2, will old antistatic floor surface is cleaned clean;
3, what already will cut out is new antistatic stick even gelatinize;
4, the floor face that will wash clean is even gelatinize;
5, wait for antistatic after the glue that stick a face, floor surface glue is fully dry stickup.

If former antistatic floor surface is rugged, or already was out of shape, or already damaged, or problem of itself product quality, criterion this floor also is to cannot be repaired.

Those who repair charge to be chosen according to the client is antistatic the technology that stick a face asks and decide.

Hope broad client is choosing antistatic the Ying Shen when the product considers a brand again, lest undertake inside brief period,repeat investment.

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