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The computer room builds medium note

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Should according to concerned standard, the distance that notices earth builds obligate to want to abide by parallel cable to be kept apart each other is not less than 50 ~ 60cm, when shaft passes floor, want to notice especially, maintain span as far as possible, avoid power line to disturb communication to transmit. In line of communication of area of computer room, station, power in room of concentrated person well, cable, should notice the best cloth of respective voluminous, method is set more.

4, the fire control of the computer room
Want to consider the design of fire control put out a fire of the computer room, according to level of fire control fire prevention the setting defines the design program of the computer room, passageway of the fireplug that asks to have routine above all inside the building, fire control, by computer room area and equipment distributinging furnish aerosol, temperature detects call the police device, automatically hand of alarm bell and indicator light, automatic / uses equipment of put out a fire and material. Computer room fire alarm asks to set duty room or monitoring point in first floor.
Need attention: Computer room fire control designs a country to already issued corresponding standard and requirement, answer after making plan active and seasonable declare fire control branch to examine and approve, notice a computer room at the same time decorate with fire control harmonious comfortable match, workload is rectified and reform when be being checked and accept otherwise bigger, cause construction loss easily also.

5, computer room architectural prevents thunder
Because computer room communication and power supply cable are much from outdoor introduce a computer room, easy the descent that suffers thunder, the building of the computer room prevents thunder to design especially important, and in normally this often are ignored in design of station area structure, besides the safety that the building of the computer room defends Lei Chu to should protect building oneself effectively, also should be equipment prevent thunder and working ground connection to lay next good foundations, electromechanical project uses means of associated ground connection more, systematic equipment ground connection joins together with building ground connection. The place that net of accurate systematic ground connection or ground connection clitellum should provide after the building prevents thunder to design construction to finish and cloth set a plan, avoid net of equipment ground connection and conflict of net of building ground connection. Because combine the special requirement of ground connection, prohibit using building ground wire and power source ground wire to regard a system as the ground wire of equipment directly in Electromechanical project.
Below the contented design optional location, condition that designs height, earth establishs a design in if can use a computer room to build a design support in the building,build iron tower, it is the plan of material benefit of a kind of economy, each district has successful experience more.
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