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The computer room builds medium note

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1, of the computer room decorate
Should mix according to relevant specification first technical standard, the basis is specific the requirement that chooses equipment and installation undertakes design and planning, want to be satisfied below condition of daylighting, dustproof, soundproof as far as possible next, build reasonable working environment, what want a consideration among them is: A string of 1 top and metope decorate material and structural frame to should accord with requirement of fire control fire prevention, use flame retardant model decorate material, the surface is flame retardant besmear Fu processing, achieve flame retardant, incendiary requirement. Computer room floor board is first use wear-resisting is antistatic those who stick a face is antistatic floor, antistatic property is better, use for a long time without be out of shape, fade wait for a phenomenon; Floor headroom height is in normally 10- - 50cm. The room should consider the configuration of illumination luminaries, air conditioning and humidity equipment integratedly: For sound insulation, dustproof need glazing of alloy of furnish double deck, match shade curtain to wait a moment.

2, the height of the computer room and space
The height of the computer room and space, lv of take an examination lays the clear height after floor and condole top are decorated. Because the computer room uses next means that take a line more, should lay below the floor line chamfer and ventilated, floor clear height is in commonly 10- - 50cm left and right sides; And roof condole top wants bottom of make even lintel commonly, take sufficient lamps and lanterns and fire control facility dark bury height, take up normally certain height, the clear height accumulative total of such rooms reduced close 1m, the height of common building can appear inferior after the computer room is decorated, also go against the installation of equipment. Building clear height should be in the limits of 3.2m ~ 3.3m (the computer room sets line wearing or groovy path) . Current, large scale computer should set a narrow passage providing the only means of access to a certain place sending wind below room floor board, accordingly, whole answers to design computer room building or specific floor, computer room when building establishment to design. To the center model computer room, as the development of new technology new facility, business can expand ceaselessly, should press the trend of medium, forward progress, proper obligate a few device space. Computer room equipment presses the principle that leaves with operation interval between machine ark to be installed all right commonly, especially the automation rate such as switching equipment, optical transmission equipment, group facilities is high, net canal system is achievable major debug monitoring and system operate facility, need not enter machine cabinet often, can reduce the factitious element effect to equipment so.

3, the across of signal cable and power supply cable
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