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Complete steel of pottery and porcelain is antistatic floor (40mm)

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Complete steel of pottery and porcelain is antistatic floor (600mm*600mm*40mm)
Referenced quote: 480 yuan
In the manufacturing process of porcelain qualitative facing, even infuse is antistatic additive, as a result of the wearability of facing, antistatic it is OK that function can retain floor board of 60 years of aboves what the basis uses an environment is different, a variety of facing design and color can choose, and this porcelain qualitative facing does not contain a radioelement, apply extensively at all sorts of high-grade computer rooms, for instance bank computer room, telegraphic computer room, computer room of high-grade monitoring computation, microelectronics production installs a workshop, still can use at high-grade intelligence to change office building to wait. And MII of systematic resistor stability, classics is antistatic association detects, each function all achieves a requirement.

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