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Permanent antistatic, guide standard of construction of electrostatic PVC floor

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3) the ground should dry, if be ground floor,the ground should make waterproof processing first.
4) facing should hard do not rise arenaceous, mortar strength should not under 75.
Ground of 2 basic level is a floor (wooden floor, ceramic tile, plastic etc) when, should remove former floor board, should keep clear of thoroughly content of ground remain agglutinate.
3 construction site should deploy artificial lighting installation.
Position of 1.3.6 affirmatory earthing terminal: The area is in 100m2 less than, earthing terminal should not less than 1; Every raise the area 100m2, should add earthing terminal 1-2.
Basic level area should be swept thoroughly before 1.3.7 construction, the ground must not stay have the dirty thing such as dross, dust.
1.4 construction
1.4.1 delimit datum line, should inspect room geometry appearance reasonable and affirmatory.
1.4.2 should decorate reseau of Copper Foil of graph laid electric conduction by earth mat. The freely crossing of Copper Foil, should be in the central position that sticks face plate. Copper Foil laid should flat, must not curly, also do not get discontinuous. With Copper Foil of earthing terminal connective should stay have enough length.
Glue of 1.4.3 configuration electric conduction: Should press carbon black and glue 1: 100 weight compare configuration, and mix is even.
1.4.4 brush glue: Part of one's job is not in the ground, already spread the electric Copper Foil that stick above, tu Fuying is even, comprehensive, air of the nature after besmear Fu.
1.4.5 shops stick stick face plate: Badge of collect of Shao of column of goody of Bei of male of  of  hole castrate of spay shows qualitative? to should be produced begin a shop to stick namely. Datum line of the alignment side the two right angle that will stick face plate answers when the shop is stuck, the shop sticks Ying Xun fast quick. Board with board between should stay have 1-2mm crack, aperture width should keep basic consistent. Strike beater area equably with rubber hammer, the edge spreads facing examination, ensure stickup and firm. Application of ground brim place is nonstandard stick face plate shop to subsidize neat, nonstandard stick face plate to stick face plate to be become with the cut that cut a knife by the standard.
When 1.4.6 pawnshop stick earthing terminal to be in, answer to will join first the Copper Foil of earthing terminal derivative, the method of the solder that use stannum or crimp and earthing terminal are firm and concatenate. Continue to spread again stick face plate.
Shop of 1.4.7 whole rooms is stuck after ending, should the edge sticks place of face plate juncture to leave with groover solder groove. Groovy line should flat, even, groovy wide 3±0.2mm is advisable.
1.4.8 application are plastic welding torch is soldering groovy place undertakes thermoplastic solder, make board with board become an organic whole repeatedly. Solder knife of benefit of application of surplus other people is cut smooth, but do not get cut to stick face plate surface.
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