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What is antistatic floor

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Antistatic the floor calls dissipation electrostatic floor again. It is a kind of floor, when when it ground connection or join are nodded to any inferior potential, make charge can dissipation, resistor is a feature between 1.0x105-10Ω .
Of computer room antistatic technology, it is to belong to a computer room safety and defend one part of the category. What arise as a result of a variety of reasons is electrostatic, it is to happen the most frequent, one of harms that eliminate the hardest. Electrostatic can run occurrence random failure to the computer not only, misoperation or operation are wrong, and still can bring about certain yuan of parts of an apparatus, be like circuit of CMOS, MOS, the puncture that wait mixes circuit of dual class sex destroy. In addition electrostatic also have apparent effect to the peripheral equipment of the computer. Take the indication facility of the CRT, should get when static, can cause image disorder, faintness is not asked. Electrostatic still will create Modem, network the job such as card, Fax is wrong, of printer walk along a line to be not arranged wait for breakdown.
Electrostatic the problem that pose not only hardware personnel is very difficult fish, still can be software personnel considers as software breakdown by accident sometimes, cause working disorder thereby. In addition, electrostatic when discharging to the computer or other equipment through human body (namely so called strike a light) reach certain level when energy, also meet a person feel with what get an electric shock.
Antistatic the main category of the floor:
1, 3 antistatic mobile floor
This floor uses high strenth, fire prevention, waterproof to be base material, shuang Kangjing report sticks a face. Waterproof, moistureproof performance is good, bear the weight of force is powerful, apply to large and medium-sized computer room.
2, complete steel fights electrostatic activity floor
After this floor solders with punch of classics of high grade armor plate, infuse high strenth pledges material is made gently. Intensity is high, waterproof, fire prevention, moistureproof performance is good, apply to bear the weight of the room of large scale computer with very high demand.
3, compound antistatic floor
This floor is with woodiness particieboard is base material, weight is light, low-cost, fire prevention, moistureproof function is inferior, in applying to, little computer room is used.
4, aluminium alloy is antistatic floor
This floor is aluminium alloy material become via machining after fusion, intensity is high, fire prevention, waterproof properties is good, board base have reclaim value, in electric power industry application is compared much.
5, copy entrance woodiness is antistatic floor
This floor according to imports a floor to make treatment and become, the shell is beautiful, performance is good, apply to of all kinds computer room.
6, PVC is antistatic floor
This product is with PVC colophony gives priority to body, via special treatment craft is made and become, form between PVC particle interface guide electrostatic network, have permanent antistatic function. The exterior is like marble, have better adornment effect. Apply to the requirement such as computer room of programmed control of industry of telegraphic, electron, computer room, clean workshop to purify reach antistatic place.
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