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How finer installation is antistatic floor

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One, the requirement to laid field
1, the laid of the floor should indoors earth is built reach after decorating construction to end, undertake;
2, the ground should level off, dry, without sundry, without dirt;
3, the space can be used below the floor, decorate lay the construction before the conduit such as cable, circuit, canalage, air and air conditioning system are installing a floor board ends;
4, base of large heavy equipment is secured should finishing, equipment installation is on base, base height should finish height to agree with the surface on the floor;
5, power source of 220V/50HZ of construction site stock and fountainhead.
2, the floor installs laid tool
1, marble cut curiums; 2, laser level determines scanner of laser of appearance, network; 3, bleb gradienter, tape measure, the line in a carpenter's ink marker; 4, suck board implement, nut is adjusted move hand, crossed screwdriver; 5, cleaner, broom, pull cloth;
3, construction measure
1, flatness of serious examination ground and metope verticality, if discover major flaw or need are local,transform, ying Xiangjia just concerns a branch to put forward;
2, pull horizontal, use floor installation the line in a carpenter's ink marker to play to metope highly, the floor after assuring laid is inside same standard, measure indoor length, width and choice standard position, play the network division clue that gives installation pedestal in the ground, in order to make sure laid is orderly, beautiful, reduce the cut of the floor as far as possible at the same time;
3, the crossed and nodical place that the pedestal that will install adjusts the height of same need to place pedestal ground reseau line;
4, secure joist bridge pedestal to go up with installation bolt, use one by one of horizontal feet, square corrective joist bridge, make it is already inside same plane, mutual and perpendicular;
5, with suck board implement mobile floor is set on the joist bridge that has assemblinging;
6, the length that if stand by metope to be in odd dimension,is less than mobile floor, the method that can use cut floor board undertakes going all out filling;
7, when laid floor, chase a make level with bleb gradienter, of mobile floor height leans adjustable pedestal adjustment, answer to take put down gently gently in laid process, prevent cut floor and attaint edge, should clean by the side of edge laid at the same time, avoid bequeath of will sundry, dirt to be below the floor;
8, when the computer room installs heavier equipment, outfit pedestal can be added below the floor of equipment base, in case the floor is out of shape;
9, when HPL installs plaque to need cut or the mouth is machined, place of its mouth reentrant should make φ6 ~ φ 8 stop crack aperture, decorate face craze in order to prevent the floor after treatment.

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