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How to choose antistatic floor

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Choose in computer room construction antistatic mobile floor should notice the following:
1, need well and truly computer room to build place to need above all antistatic the gross area of the floor (or piece several) reach all sorts of fittings (the standard deserves to compare 1 : 3.5, 1: The amount of 5.5) , take superabundant amount, lest cause waste or shortage.
2, production of place of sufficient understanding manufacturer is antistatic the breed of the floor and quality, and all sorts of specifications index. Antistatic the specifications of the floor basically points to its machinery function and electric function. Mechanical function basically considers its carrying capacity, wearability. whole antistatic floor installation is being built receive the joist bridge that rise to go up, mix is even antistatic after the floor, its carrying capacity should achieve even load to be more than 1000kg/m2, antistatic the concentration of any place on the floor load should be more than 300kg, the to load that is 6cm in the diameter bearings on the dot when the load of 300kg, bending quantity should be less than 2mm, do not have permanent be out of shape. Adjustable prop up should bear the perpendicular bear of 1000kg above, and the wear-resisting with board due and particular face brushs a gender. Electric function basically is systematic resistor, surface resistor. Its system resistor should be 106Ω-109Ω , 21±1.5 ℃ is in temperature, relative humidity is 30% when, antistatic the electrostatic voltage of the floor should under 2500V, exterior resistance should be 106Ω-109Ω .
3, should be with the weight of the heaviest equipment in all equipment inside the computer room fiducial will decide antistatic the load of the floor, can prevent some facility so overweight and those who cause a floor board is permanent be out of shape or damaged.
4, antistatic the effect change that the floor accepts outside ambient condition is little. Namely won't because of outside ambient temperature too exorbitant, low have apparently adjustable, it is namely when computer room temperature is tallish, antistatic floor extend expands, cannot be demolished and change; When temperature is low antistatic the floor is contractive, generation becomes loose feeling. Antistatic the contractive amount that the floor gets an environment to affect should be less than 0.5mm, the bending quantity of board face should be less than 0.25mm.
5, antistatic floor surface should not glance, do not skid, anti-corrosive, do not remove dirt, not aspiration, sweep easily.

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