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Electrostatic to the electron yuan the harm of parts of an apparatus

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Electron yuan parts of an apparatus differs by its sort, suffer electrostatic destructive level is different also, the static voltage of lowermost 100V also can be caused to its destroy. In recent years as the electron yuan development of parts of an apparatus tends compositive change, because this asks,corresponding electrostatic voltage also is being reduced ceaselessly.

The electrostatic voltage of induction of human body place is in commonly 2-4KV above, as a result of,be normally the slight movement of human body or with insulant grind and cause. That is to say, the electrostatic potential that we take in case in daily life and IC are contacted, so almost all IC will be destroyed, this kind of dangerous consist in in any working environments that did not adopt electrostatic preventive measure. Electrostatic reflect not only to the destruction of IC in the electron yuan among the making working procedure of parts of an apparatus, and the assembly in IC, carry the metropolis in waiting for a process to be destroyed to IC generation.

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