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I. Introduction With the rapid development of society, particularly the extensive application of high technology, electromagnetic energy in the economic construction and the growing role of social production. Layout of electrical and electronic equipment and facilities increasingly intensive; Thus, prevention and anti-electromagnetic wave Highlights the growing problem of interference; as one of the static guard, static hazards are headache, especially in equipment rooms, computer rooms and other electronic equipment-intensive areas. Second, the Project Overview The author is a completed project is the mobile communications business Building Co., Ltd.; framework of nine, of which 3 to 6 layers of the mobile company's new program-controlled switchboard room, the use of the equipment is France's Alcatel and Shanghai Bell Products; on-site environmental and technical requirements of the electromagnetic extraordinary high. Originally proposed by the laying of anti-static flooring, after considering the cost, equipment loads and field situation??. Thus using the new technologies. After the completion of Its on-site test, the static high pressure catharsis and the invasion of normal Fangfei projects, the effect is significant. Third, the construction preparation As an extraordinary anti-static requirements necessary, during construction of static terrazzo, you must do the following: Plan and design drawings: In accordance with state and industry related to the anti-static floor of the technical requirements and construction specifications, making terrazzo, you must have a specific construction plan and clear construction drawings for the construction of a Basis. Primary treatment: in the construction terrazzo screed? Before the deal with grass-roots to clean up, clear the floating pulp, dust, particularly the head of all the exposed steel and iron parts should be removed or insulated. Electrostatic discharge network installation guide: name suggests: the role of catharsis network is the most important discharge static electricity. Specific surface and field drawings and designs according to actual situation; catharsis by -40 × 4 mesh galvanized flat steel, according to 4000 × 4000 Composition of the grid. To flat steel in the construction of straight, horizontal run through both ends of the vertical and horizontal cut and reliable welding. Meanwhile, the static network outlet end of catharsis with the main lines connected to a separate ground. Leveling layer construction: catharsis network installation, the leveling layer to be flush with the catharsis mouth online. In mixing cement mortar,? By less than the amount of cement mortar in 5% of antistatic material into agents, the leveling layer network to static catharsis? . Fourth, copper strips and surface construction Xiangtie Check the leveling layer: After the leveling layer induration, check the surface, shall not leave any metal exposed. Leveling layer of fine concrete surface missile line requirements: The project sub-grid size 800 × 800mm, trim size is 200mm, the high kick 200mm, thickness 15mm. Copper Bar Requirements: copper strips prior to straightening, cross-section was "i" type?, At the pre-punched in the lower part of 5mm, pitch 4 per meter, diameter φ2 ~ φ5mm. Xiangtie copper bars: ① first edge section of wood by straight lines according to the ink, copper strips close to edge of wood articles, the use of pure cement slurry wipe the copper bar 45 degrees to the side of a solid copper bar, copper bar plus solid wood bar open after the taking. Meanwhile, on the other side of the plain cement paste using 45 wiping Degree angle fixed. Should pay attention not to pollute the catchy 5mm copper, and left without wiping 5mm grout space. ② sub-lattice of copper bar copper strip with the other sub-grid interface should allow 10mm gap? And the area by 8 ~ 10m2 divided into independent blocks of space, to ensure that static electricity does not interfere with each other. Surface Construction: This project requires terrazzo polishing, waxing after the clear height of not less than 15mm, anti-static ratio of slag cement requirement 1:? 18mm thick. 425 # white Portland cement used; in the ground is not flat at around 50mm grout brush ; Case of metal objects, such as water, electricity, heating, plumbing, etc., in its around 100mm should be laid within the same species but not anti-static treatment of ballast water, mud or metal objects were insulated. Terrazzo floor anti-static floor maintenance, polishing, pickling, waxing and other processes in the normal regulatory requirements for terrazzo floor. Ground terminal installation and system testing. Matters related to the quality and technical requirements Galvanized flat steel: hot dip galvanized. Copper quality requirements of Article: Article catchy levels of copper line, copper joints should be homogeneous, not misplaced, and to ensure close contact joints. Ground floor requirements: ① smooth surface free of cracks, blisters, and grinding grain, dense granules, revealed uniform, blended colors and patterns are not consistent, sub-section solid straight and clear cell. ② surface roughness of not more than 2mm. ③ straight seam cells is not greater than 2mm. ④ baseboard is not more than catchy straight 2mm. ⑤ terrazzo specifications, models, methodology: VI, protection and maintenance Anti-static floor construction terrazzo floor, after the sharp or heavy objects should be prevented from being hit. Static long terrazzo floor, the ground should be kept clean, but not water, scrub, use a dry cloth or wait until the basic stained with kerosene mop wipe dry. Less bright surface after playing floor wax and polish. VII, Technical And Economic Analysis This technology is partly based on new technology, such as anti-static slag processing; ground terminal of the installation and commissioning. Thus the static electricity protection and the prevention of electromagnetic interference? On the basis of a new supplement and innovation. Using this technology, the cost performance has been greatly improved, the general use of the traditional anti-static anti-static anti-static flooring and carpet; cost is higher, and use of short duration, poor carrying capacity. Therefore, anti-static Terrazzo in the communications room, workshop and other sophisticated electronic equipment and heavy investment, there have been saving the second incomparable superiority.
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