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In last few years, the lead company of industry of Chinese wood floor takes seriously more and more strengthen the cooperation between international, these collaboration are the join of capital catenary not only, still be production and the communication that manage a technology, drove whole industry to produce efficiency to promote considerably greatly.
Nowadays, the investment that strengthens pair of environmental protection and resource to be able to be used continuously becomes the topic that the industry pays close attention to. Of zoology forest cultivate and fast of raw material use also make central point of industry of Chinese wood floor increasingly. Solve raw material thorny issue. Different brand made different choice, even some of manufacturer is cost in order to produce character amount, reduce purchase cost, shoddy, wait really with pretend to be, also some manufacturer are planted because of a certain material purchase difficulty, cancel the production that this material plants. These methods to whole fact it is very adverse for wooden floor industry. Investigate its reason, depend on above enterprise and did not build perfect resource to guarantee a system, complete support at market of domestic raw material purchase, be pounded naturally very easily by the market. Face today's industry and market situation, need floor enterprise to have raw material more development, conserve, use, ability of reborn resource conformity. This kind of own natural resources developed ability to lessen the impact of exterior market, it is the main factor that floor industry brand can develop continuously.
To enterprise of each wood floor, must want to seek accurate market fixed position, client fixed position, brand fixed position, build particular brand individual character, enhance the competition ability of oneself, hold and extend the market. In addition, prospective market still needs collaboration is reached to coexist between relevant enterprise, hit out with collectivize form the market. This asks each brand enterprise wants to be good at sharing an interest with others, be apt to uses the lever principle of resource conformity, begin a person of same business and alliance of different course of study, the advantage is complementary, produce the power that the group fights, innovation profit pattern, each other can enjoy consociate business the greatest value of the other side, achieve complementary win-win.

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