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Low sales promotion loses mode of sale of tradition of action floor board to con

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Did not calm to wooden floor industry 2007, as global resource in short supply, raw material price rises considerably, the wooden floor cost price that regards resource sex as the product rises necessarily. And of a lot of elements restrict, make the exhaustion of market digestion, compare with photograph of sale status of market of in former years, there is an appearance rarely this year.
Too fast raw material rises in price floor letting wood almost every month is in rise in price. A personage that pursues wooden floor sale for years tells a reporter: “ sometimes the hair commodity price of every month is different, tell to rise in price only in the factory, also do not try to explain as to what reason, also did not examine minutely later. ” but the person that intense competition makes sell not dare small talk rises in price, a lot of people are forced to reduce profit very reluctantly. From the point of consumptive market main body, consumer is more and more rational, in former years very suffer chased after the price sales promotion that hold in both hands to also be lost before allure. Additional, get an international market restrict, a lot of brands that the lock decides an international market before also home market of tune race to control, outside brand competition cold inside hot, going up somehow make sale cost ceaseless climb litre, traditional sale mode faces grim challenge.
Is the market of next year a year of overall competition? Rise considerably as oil and manufacturing data price, a large number of selling garrison Beijing, product and brand considerably follow-up, the time that compete and cooperates has come, how should floor of next year wood meet a challenge? Policy of new export drawback withdraws the exit of aggrandizement wood floor tax rate from 13% fall to 5% , multilayer and compound floor (include bamboo floor) exit drawback is led from 11% fall to 5% . Although key of this exit drawback became low,8 are nodded, but the totle drilling cost that exports actually had increased 20%-23% . This makes not only the international competition ability of enterprise of Chinese wood floor is reduced, also increased pressure of competition of floor industry home at the same time, make a lot of medium and small businesses because competition ability is low and the act that uses disturbed market again and again and method, the benign development that causes whole industry is destroyed.
Although at present the development of Chinese floor industry is in inside the tired situation outside care, but delectable is to industry of a batch of floors precedes the enterprise is maintaining good development momentum however, show good industry to lead consciousness and action stage by stage, it is in order to promote industry development oneself, ceaseless and normative industry grows in order.
In recent years, of white paper of the national level of wooden floor industry, consumption promulgating is a government relevant section and these industries are banner the result of company joint efforts, guaranteed the benefit of consumer not only, for the floor at the same time production established standard and standard, establish the sense of responsibility of the enterprise and mission move.
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