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Antistatic analysis of prospect of market of SMC material floor

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Develop as the abidance of economy of our country countryman, of all kinds industry increases ceaselessly to the demand of new material. According to not complete count, domestic Information Industry and relevant industry need every year of all kinds antistatic ground material 200 much square metre, manufacturer home amounts to many 100. Among them antistatic mobile floor year demand is 1 million square metre, 75 ” of “ come 95 ” of “ 15 years build area of computer room of big, medium, small computer to be 10 million square metre about in all, comparative among them partial ground already appeared the damaged of different level, be badly in need of changing, formed a not small demand market thereby.
Antistatic floor application domain:
Develop as the high speed of the Information Industry, information product is applied extensively to each domains such as communication of post and telecommunications, broadcasting television, finance, traffic, aerospace, national defence, public security, custom, the sources of energy, atmosphere, commerce, OA. For the standard the use of these industries, in recent years country early or late formulate the concerned code that controls electrostatic harm and standard, have among them: GB50174 - standard of 93 computers computer room; GB6650 - condition of technology of floor of activity of 86 computers computer room; YD / T 754 - report of Fang Jing of 95 communication equipment defends general rule; QJ1950 - 90 antistatic requirement of operating system technology; GB2887 - condition of technology of ground of 89 computation airport; GB50222 - 95 buildings interior decorates standard of design fire prevention to wait. These occupation standard are production antistatic the manufacturer of material, user and acceptance of work provided unified basis, as the standard carry out, raised taller requirement to the data that uses at present. Each production manufacturer should have production by GB, if do not accord with a standard, and the product does not change again, can be washed out only, disappear from inside the market. Each production is accordingly antistatic the manufacturer of material, to get used to the demand of the market, invest manpower and capital in great quantities, positive development is new-style antistatic ground material serves as replace a product.
Antistatic SMC floor:
Antistatic SMC floor is planted in this namely show itself below the situation, to get used to social demand, my company studies via old with great concentration, successful development goes antistatic SMC floor series, this is new generation antistatic product. This kind antistatic the biggest characteristic of the product is: Use antistatic mould pressing of whole of SMC composite material shapes technology. And product surface is used prevent slippery design, its antistatic property is stable, have guide electrostatic, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure corrupt, be able to bear or endure ageing, fire prevention, fight pressure wait for an advantage.
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