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Contest Europe complete steel is antistatic floor

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Steel is antistatic the sort of floor fractionize is numerous, integrated consideration wants when the choice antistatic function. Wear-resisting function and bear the weight of function; Antistatic the floor applies to more high-grade place commonly. For example communication computer room. Equipment computer room. All sorts of monitoring computer rooms. Office computer room. Can achieve taller antistatic function and it is better to have bear the weight of of gender and wearability in high-grade the main trend that complete steel floor has made mobile floor market.

Contest Europe complete steel is antistatic floor, those who have cycle is full automatic drawing, electric welding sticks the manufacturing facilities such as the face. Raw material chooses treasure steel steel products, the entrance sticks face gum, high grade antistatic stick a face. Can apply to the office computer room of all sorts of class. Computer room. Equipment computer room and communication computer room.

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