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New fishing line is become antistatic with clean goods bibcock

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The plan builds an Asia 5 years in future the biggest one-stop clean technology and product supplier
In Shenzhen high new developed area, one is not the outside hep, but have inside course of study extremely tall famous degree of enterprise with consequence, it is —— of limited company of science and technology of Shenzhen town new fishing line a national defence in was being initiated is electrostatic, clean the company of new and high technology of room industry beginning.
Year sales revenue evens more 100 million yuan
Hold water at the science and technology of new fishing line 1993, in the production of Shenzhen office area amounts to 7000 more than square metre, suzhou industry garden produces base face to accumulate 20 thousand square metre, total staff is close 400, year sales revenue evens more 100 million yuan, since holding water, accumulative total realizes profit tax to count 10 thousand yuan thousand. Nearly 3 years, this company year all develop speed to exceed 100 % . Regard the bibcock of the industry as the enterprise, science and technology of new fishing line already developed now become the throughout the country the biggest antistatic (ESD) with clean goods (CLEANROOM) manufacturing supplier, passed ISO9001: Attestation of system of 2000 international quality, the high-tech electric conduction that the enterprise has home to precede is compound fiber manufactures a technology.
As we have learned, appear to be changed subtly in manufacturing industry of current whole world, miniaturization, automation, muti_function change, the development trend with high demand of precision of complex, treatment issues manufacturing technology, more and more industries strengthened the control to particle, through eliminating electrostatic raise n. Then, technology of quiet room of antistatic, clean wait for a domain from microelectronics, aerospace, accurate instrument, pharmacy, farther outspread make to the car, medical treatment equipment is made wait for traditional industry domain.
Sale channel becomes better day by day
From on 90 time have the century, our country clean room, antistatic industry work up is flourishing rise. The person that science and technology of new fishing line becomes among them outstanding and get army person. This company sets center of research and development, provide nearly 20 researchers, investment build 100 class purify a room, have perfect experiment to detect equipment. To encourage own innovation, science and technology of new fishing line established technical innovation award, with college and clasp of scientific research unit, roll out a batch of new achievement every year, ensure banner sex of the technology, satisfy market need adequately. It is reported, the product of science and technology of new fishing line exports the international market such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, United States extensively, build in home 15 cent sell an orgnaization, whole sale channel becomes better day by day.
This company controller expresses, bead belt of 3 big new and high industries is opposite bay of Bohai Sea of trigonometry, long triangle, annulus antistatic the product has exuberant demand, to incorporate science and technology of new fishing line inside numerous enterprise brought tremendous business chance. In the near future, china will become the clean room market with the biggest whole world and material of clean room bad news to produce the ground. To this, this company plan is made 5 years in future complete antistatic with catenary of clean products industry, the target is to build have top-ranking and clean technology and product, Asia the biggest one-stop supplier.
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