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In “ god director of 7 ” area controls central computer room to wait for a place, antistatic the technology is very necessary. What use at present is antistatic technology besides dress antistatic dress, use substandard of electrostatic discharge parts of an apparatus, antistatic the floor also is main antistatic technical measure.

Antistatic the floor calls dissipation electrostatic floor again. When when it ground connection or join are nodded to any inferior potential, make charge can dissipation, the feature is between 1.0x105-10Ω with resistor.

Of computer room electrostatic it is one of harms that happen to be eliminated the hardest the oftenest. Electrostatic can run occurrence random failure to the computer not only, misoperation or operation are wrong, and still can bring about certain yuan of parts of an apparatus, be like circuit of CMOS, MOS, the puncture that wait mixes circuit of dual class sex destroy. In addition electrostatic also have apparent effect to the peripheral equipment of the computer. Use antistatic the guarantees computer data security with OK and effective floor.

What 4 kinds of different capable person introduce to pledge below is antistatic floor:

Fight floor of activity of electrostatic aluminium alloy

Current price: 200 yuan / square metre

Product parameter: Ply 2-3mm; Service life 5-10 year; Wearability actor, combat impact strength strong.

Fight floor of electrostatic aluminium alloy

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Function characteristic: A, aluminium alloy is cast, intensity small, anticorrosion, antimagnetic, surface sticks tall, flame retardant, tall form have fight electrostatic stick a face, beautiful, walk comfortable, antistatic property never damply; B, assemble convenient, tear open easily outfit, floor height can choose arbitrarily and adjust.

Fight floor of activity of electrostatic aluminium alloy, industry antistatic the floor applies to laid computer room of of all kinds computer, programmed control computer room and control room, purify field.

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