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Pvc is antistatic the structure of the floor and function

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PVC is permanent antistatic the floor uses what net of plastic particle interface forms to guide electrostatic network, make its are had permanent antistatic function, the adornment effect with be had better is had good antistatic function and mechanical function, wear-resisting, flame retardant, anticorrosive, foot feels comfortable, beautiful and luxurious, function is more outstanding and abiding. This product basically is used at computer room, purify switching equipment of room, programmed control the manufacturing site such as room of room of factory building of production of industry of manufacturing industry of instrument of room, electron, microelectronics, asepsis, the control central asks to purify, antistatic ground is decorated. Wait in industry of instrument of industry of bank, post and telecommunications, railroad, traffic, medicine, microelectronics, electron get applied extensively in the domain.
Main technique index
Project standard index
Norms dimension 600×600
Guide electrostatic sex SJ/T11236-2001 <1.0×106
SJ/T11236-2001 1.0×106-1.0×109 of electrostatic dissipation sex
Heat length change leads GB4085-83 ≤0.4%
Bibulous length change leads GB4085-83 ≤0.4%
Remains caves degree of GB4085-83 ≤0.15mm
Abrasion loss GB4085-83 ≤0.02g/cm2(1000 turns)
Burning behavior GB4609-84 FV-O <10s
Remove electric voltage SJ/T10694-1996 <100v
Electrostatic voltage attenuation period GJB2605-1996 5000-50V <2s
Anti-corrosive be able to bear or endure weak acid, weak base
Basically can be:
(A) the carbon black that electric material stabilizes for function, electric network from go up watch
The face is direct next surfaces, this kind of structure decided antistatic of function permanent;
(B) the PVC that base material is half horniness is plastic, have wear-resisting, anti-corrosive,
Misfire and flame retardant character;
(C) the outside face that is like marble decorative pattern, color is adjustable, decorate effect
Fruit is good and construction is convenient.
Main technique index is:
• corrosion resistance: Be able to bear or endure aqueous solution of alcohol, acetone, HCL, NAOH,
Benzine and general scour.
• wearability: Abrasion loss <0.028g/cm*cm (GB4085-83)
• is antistatic function: Systematic resistor 10KΩ—1MΩ (guide electrostatic model
IEC1340-4-1995) systematic resistor 1MΩ—1KMΩ(prevent static
Report IEC1340-4-1995)
• removes electric voltage: <100V(SJ/T10664-1996)
• burning behavior: <10 second (GB4609-84FV-0)
• attenuation time: <2 second (GJB2605-1996 5KV-0.5KV)
• product standards: 600*600*(1.0-3.0)(mm) construction is used prevent static
Electric glue PVC floor piece is direct and stickup go up in the ground.

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