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Low humidity environment is antistatic coating

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Development of Japanese Unitika company gave series of “elitel/alow Base SAS” antistatic coating, although be in,humidity also is had below very low environment very strong antistatic characteristic. New painting not only transparency is good, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming is advantageous, and can form the film with as adhesion as motherboard very tall sex. What basically be used at film of all sorts of of all kinds colophony is antistatic those who synthesize paper is coating, antistatic coating and glass kind antistatic coating.
In the past antistatic the defect that coating exists is the function below low humidity environment can drop. And SAS series not only antistatic the effect that character suffers humidity to change scarcely, and still can keep antistatic below low humidity environment characteristic. Be in for instance get together when the dosage that 6g/m2 presses on fat colophony film undertakes coating is handled, although its character plays in 20%RH condition still very stable, exterior resistor can achieve 108Ω/ □ .
Besides, new series and past photograph are had than returning (1) diaphaneity is tall; (2) have good adhesion sex to material of of all kinds bottom; (3) durable sex is strong; (4) the characteristic such as environmental protection.
As a result of diaphaneity, the transparency that destroys bottom material not easily to have, burnish and the exterior such as smooth slippery sex are characteristic. And as the characteristic (2) for, but according to a variety of bottom material different, the choice gets together accordingly fat colophony and metamorphic polyolefin colophony kind coating. Wait for the polyolefin colophony with inferior polarity from polyolefin and polypropylene, wait for the colophony with taller polarity to polyester and nylon, all can develop stronger adhesion sex to of all kinds colophony. In addition, still can use at metal, paper and glass.
As the characteristic (3) , basically won't be handled because of running water and bring about antistatic function drops. In addition, this company uses alcohol kind coating undertook wiping an experiment, the result confirms coating film won't happen fall off. And characteristic (4) because did not use the balmy breed such as toluene,be organic dissolvent, and do not contain antimony and come true. And because did not use emulsifying agent, accordingly won't from inside coating material of oozy small element (after additive is caky and pulverization arises in coating surface) , won't pollute bottom material.

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