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Sanmina-SCI development gives the world the first antistatic PCB example

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Sanmina-SCI and Shocking Technologies, a voltage can change medium material to develop business, what announce the first to development goes them to believe is the world jointly is embedded, can be all yuan parts of an apparatus is offerred electrostatic the PCB example that releases protection.

The Viking InerWorks of Sanmina-SCI PCB branch and follower, cooperate together with Shocking Technologies, use Sanmina-SCI to be in the EESD of patent application, embedded electrostatic release protective technology, production gives Viking VLP DDR2 to remember module. The test of tripartite makes clear, install the sensitive memory on PCB module was fighting electrostatic respect to have clear improvement. When the test direct to load the high pressure of 6000 bend over, and memorial module was not received any damage, function also did not drop. This rose than the original effect that protects a method double.

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