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Automotive paint dry winter, "lotion" to anti-static

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"Pop" is heard, access to the body of the hand was played and Ma Youteng static, it is autumn and early winter often encountered when driving downtown mind. Here, I must tell you, this phenomenon is caused by static electricity, do not panic, the owner of the car door, touch dashboard, contact chair, often will be static electricity savings in the car to hit. Experts remind that the majority of car service owners, fall and winter to add moisture to the car and the owners themselves, or put on some "lotion" - the car wax, so that cars can prevent static electricity. Auto-static do not panic The generation of static response vehicles are two points, one before the human body to the car itself was charged with car touch with nature will discharge, and according to the different human body, with power are not the same, some body special, easy to static friction storage, with access to any item to be discharged. On the other hand, dust in the air friction between the metal surface with the body create electrical, human touch car, will have a discharge phenomenon. Vehicle suspended, occasionally suffer from static physical attacks will not cause any damage, but in motion, the case in the absence of preparedness experience static attack, is likely to cause fright, causing traffic accidents. In addition, savings in the human body static electricity will damage health, but also a serious impact on human metabolism, causing blood sugar rises, suffering from skin diseases, and cause people to suffer from autonomic nervous system disorders, the body defenses are weakened, susceptible to colds and other diseases, especially in the gas station, they also may cause an accident. For the car, simple and straightforward solution to electrostatic dust adsorption, autumn and winter and more car owners have to wash the car several times. Prevention of static electricity, "Out" And the car all the time living in the friction of the environment, so owners need to eliminate static long points, "petty." Experts advise owners, in order to prevent static electricity, not only their usual habits to make some small changes can also install some small equipment, cars, and some tips may seem heartless, but also allows you to avoid static electricity. First, you may not believe, the owner is to drink plenty of water to prevent static electricity from their own place within a better way, more water can increase the skin surface humidity, static electricity in the wet conditions will not their own place. Here refers not only to the usual drinking water, but also to the skin, "drink" water, for example, often apply the paint in the autumn and winter hand cream can not only keep the skin moist, but also anti-static, do both. Second, the owner of water to prevent static electricity, but do not forget this time to the car's skin to add some water. More wax to the car, but also one of the effective anti-static, anti-static waxing can choose special wax. Some owners simply own a car waxing, waxing experts suggest that you fence to use a special wax to the vehicle surface dust, clean film. Third, use less chemical products. Inside and outside the car to reduce the use of chemical products, chemical fiber clothing is easy with a static, especially in the dry winter season, more likely to bring the static. In addition, the car we should try to use less chemical class of seat covers and mats, to prevent static electricity encountered off the car door "attack" from a lot of chemical products can reduce the chance of a shock. Fourth, the electrical installation of electrostatic discharge, also known as electrostatic discharge device, its working principle is through the metal wire to the internal static vehicle transmitted to the discharger, and then out through the air or surface conduction, the purpose of eliminating static electricity inside the car. Static discharger points on the day-to-ground type and style categories. Grounding-type discharger more traditional, it is also known as type discharger dalian, this type of land dalian discharger is tantamount to reversing radar, fixed on the rear end put electrical contact with the ground, which will import static ground. Some common dragging on the ground behind the vehicle tail like a grounded object is static discharger. Electrostatic discharge on the day the air is attached to the rear of the car electrical appliances, is a shape of the object antenna, also known as "in addition to static antenna." People often say that the "shark fin antenna" is a static discharger on the day of ceremony. The appearance of relatively new, it can act as a car antenna, a dual-use materials. Currently, the market price of shark fin antenna 30-80 yuan. Fifth, the instrument panel shop wet towel. Shop with a wet towel in the dashboard, using the sun makes the rapid evaporation of water within the towel, thereby enhancing the humidity inside the vehicle and reduce the chance of static electricity. Conditions are good owners, can be directly installed in the car a car humidifier, mist spray into the vehicle regularly, in order to prevent static electricity. Develop good habits of vehicles can actually prevent static. For example, before driving out a hand wash or wipe the first hand on the wall, or within a small open cycle air conditioning to keep the humidity inside the car, get off, someone with a cart, not the door side glass to push the metal frame closed and so on.
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