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Laminate flooring formaldehyde hazard implicated by or exit the market

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Reason: more than 90% of the air quality standard, after the home improvement Many people use the floor decoration, wardrobe, plywood, paint, tiles are produced by brand-name or big business, product quality and meet national standards, some products even get green certificates and the State Quality Inspection Certificate, why renovate the house air quality is still not standard, often exceeding several times, several times, these products are sent to test you, mostly qualified, why do not achieve air quality standards? The reasons are: the national commitment to develop product standards without using the standard products make the air quality standards. It simply means that standard products than the product does not meet the standards of emissions of harmful substances to less, standard product does not guarantee its emissions of harmful substances will not let excessive morbidity and does not make air. Two reasons: the air is not up to 75% of family child leukemia Jiucheng just renovated home Major national newspapers are reporting that the air pollution caused mainly home decoration there are 25 species of harmful substances as much as there are four major sources of pollution (1 plywood composite wood flooring 2 3 4 plate furniture coating). Experts Call for the owners, to minimize the use of such material. China has very serious air pollution in home improvement, 90% of the new house air quality standards, 30% of the newly renovated family seriously overweight, the highest exceeding 120 times the current six in diseases caused by air pollution, nine in leukemia children in the newly renovated home, home improvement so that we can easily imagine that a child lost their lives due to parents, how sorry, how much pain and. Most of our families have only one child, a darling baby, for them to create a healthy environment is the responsibility of parents, if we continue polluting the default home improvement exists, we can not explain to the kids to do. Three reasons: foreign countries have begun to phase out May 2004, South Korea, the implementation of higher technical standards, prohibit MDF, plywood, laminate flooring into the home decoration. Because these boards are the main cause of indoor air pollution culprit. In China, laminate flooring sales of large, people have the habit of protecting big business, although the product is indeed harmful to consumers, many people will not take enforcement measures out of those behind the product. When consumers buy products information asymmetry, are vulnerable. Therefore, to understand the product defects, the consumer is especially important.
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