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Anti-static floor in the engine room of points

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Also known as anti-static conductive floor floor, as people walking shoes and the floor is static friction, a little of the ions on the surface of the floor dust generated in the air to attract, for computer rooms, electronics factories and other units will Have been affected. Conductive floor is the floor is conductive, the floor contains a conductive fiber, the floor under the floor in the construction to the laying of copper foil, copper foil embedded conductor to be connected to the ground, so that direct generation of static electricity floor Into the earth, which is not electrostatic ion the floor, laying on the floor to use conductive glue laying. There are 2 kinds of anti-static floor, first floor of an elevated anti-static, the second is anti-static PVC floor. Elevated anti-static floor general for a lot of room wiring required, such as computer room, computer room, master room, control room . PVC anti-static flooring, less commonly used in wiring the room, such as electronic factories, production plants, have anti-static requirements of the place. For large and small computer room, equipment room in order to prevent static electricity on the adverse effects must be considered anti-static raised floor installation. Because it provides a moment many advantages: 1. Make the installation simple, and for the future expansion of the device configuration changes and provides greater flexibility. 2. The engine room equipment, anti-static floor in the electrical connection for free, easy laying and maintenance, so clean and beautiful room. 3. It can protect a variety of cables, wires, cables and sockets to make it from damage. 4. Room floor space can be used as a static pressure air conditioning library Airflow satisfactory. No matter what computer equipment installed in the location, are available through the anti-static raised floor air conditioning vent be sent Air. 5. Conducive to the maintenance base of the device, maintenance. 6. Elimination of cable exposed to the human body. 7. Can use the adjustable anti-static floor roughness of the elimination of the ground to ensure that the overall level of the ground level room. 8. Electrostatic charge can leak to the ground, and the reflection of electromagnetic radiation.
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