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Heibei division China antistatic the floor creates limited company

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My factory begins to develop production at the beginning of 80 time antistatic mobile floor, the product implements standard of SJ / T10796-2001 strictly, will two years insist to take Wu, quality with sincere letter the first beg live, seek progress with reputation of market demand, client. We aim at a product to follow from beginning to end IT develops and brand of series of innovation of research and development, the posture that innovates with deal with concrete matters relating to work is firm occupational market.
Nowadays, face enterprise or business the rise of network management center, what we produce is antistatic series product (high strenth, tall wear-resisting, compound model antistatic floor, mineral antistatic floor, 3 prevent model antistatic floor, Bo changes a brick antistatic floor) etc; Can satisfy of all kinds data to the center chooses and apply.
Especially HDM---600---ZD(600*600*40mm) does not have the success that high-grade floor develops frame, become our country the first is computer domain from count an import antistatic the floor arrives the trend is homebred change fill blank. In the meantime, for field of our country computer the system fights static, make safety of all of computer science department, reliable stability moves hit solid fundamental framework.
. Gained Beijing favour 2000 case power IS09001: 2000 quality manage systematic attestation
. Obtained 2003 " Chinese quality is at ease for goods qualification, safety does not have product of building materials of green of harm environmental protection "
. Qualification of production of electrostatic equipment company maintains the national defence in was being obtained 2003 certificate
. Won industry of Chinese electron instrument 2003 antistatic qualification of construction of equipment company project holds certificate
. The first produced domestic high-grade HDM600- - ZD immensity casing is high-powered compound floor, facing conductivity can be good, firm of stickup level off, walk stability good noise is little
. Was fought by the Ministry of Electronic Industry 1998 assess of ministry of electrostatic foundation equipment is first-rate product of “ of certificate of national quality grade”
. The first produced country 3 prevent model antistatic floor: Antistatic Bo changes bricky floor board
. Was fought by MII 2003 assess of ministry of electrostatic foundation equipment is national initiate brand
. The first holds to with green environmental protection, quality the first, science management coachs for the tenet the product is produced, the series product that makes my factory produces thereby is in 2003 by Chinese housing materials current association assess is: " Chinese quality is at ease for goods qualification safety does not have product of building materials of harm environmental protection "
. Obtained national environment to analyse a report to check a center 2000 qualified to the analysis of series product report
. Provincial abide by contract keep good faith enterprise
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