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Guangzhou Hua Shida is antistatic floor limited company

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Guangzhou Hua Shida is antistatic floor limited company is the sale company that Changzhou city fierce takes limited company of equipment of Hua Shida computer room to be in Guangzhou.
Changzhou city fierce held water 1988 into limited company of equipment of Hua Shida computer room, (plant of facility of computer room of former honor city) , in order to produce " of city of sale " honor antistatic the floor is given priority to, be located in the Jiangsu Changzhou city that industry of villages and towns developeds, north relies on Shanghai peaceful freeway, shanghai is faced east, communication is easy. Come more than 10 years, hua Shida has become aptitude of course of study of person of the same trade deeper, manufacturing steel is qualitative antistatic the floor, professional manufacturer that fights electrostatic floor. Will more than 10 years gather rich experience and abundant economic actual strength. This factory passed attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality, pledge with high grade product quantity, reasonable product value, good business reputation, rigorous business management won the reliance of numerous client, develop steadily in intense market competition.

Our company have main body product to produce base, directly under of much home each district runs a department. Our company have total assets more than yuan 1000, cover an area of a face to accumulate 25000 square metre, year " of city of manufacturing " honor is antistatic floor of complete steel activity 380 thousand square metre, pass ISO9001: Attestation of system of 2000 nations quality, company according to GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001: 2000 standardization manage and standardize production, it is with the market oriented, undertake optimizing to having a product ceaselessly, newer, undertake technical reformation to product line, cost of bring down of do one's best, improve efficiency, hold a dominant position in market competition hard.

The company grows domestic and international marketing energetically. The company takes all sorts of agile and significant sale steps, showed the good figure of Hua Shida company and brand of " of " honor city to the client, win the bid for many times domestic key decorates a project. This factory product fights electrostatic floor, network floor to wait to apply extensively at computer room, open fast computer room, TV launcher, the military affairs directs a station, of all kinds lab, the office and laid of a few cop compare concentration and requirement antistatic place, exemple: Henan saves electric industry bureau, henan saves a Public Security Department, university of institute of finance and economics of province of division of new custom of Hangzhou of province of institute of project of information of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Zhejiang, Zhejiang, Qu Zhou Ning Bo manages Qingpu middle school of institute of science and technology of work college, Xiao Shan, Shanghai, city 3 daughter.

Span the company of Hua Shida computer room of new century will as always, "Brand of honor city " is done not have with “ best, have the management concept of better ” only, develop and make top-ranking product, attract and develop top-ranking person with ability, have and perfect high-class service, build and develop top-ranking form, meet new era, meet new challenge. Product of sell like hot cakes: Complete steel immensity is antistatic floor, complete steel is ventilated antistatic floor (type of mesh of ventilation 40%) , PVC guides antistatic floor of network of union of model of channel of line of floor, OA network floor, plastic network floor, belt
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