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Jinan starlight is antistatic floor limited company

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Jinan starlight is antistatic floor limited company is the earliest be engaged in antistatic wear floor production and one of installation companies high. Main production has complete steel antistatic floor, compound antistatic floor, 3 antistatic floor, pottery and porcelain is antistatic floor, aluminium alloy is antistatic the floor, straight PVC that extend pattern is antistatic the series such as floor of network of floor, OA is antistatic product.

“ is this ” company with the person from only then be introduced from what hold to pair of talents from beginning to end eventually and foster, the stuff that has above of diploma of three-year institution of higher learning now occupies the 50% above of head office number, what the company produces is antistatic mobile floor product sells each district of past whole nation and foreign area.

In view of the company antistatic what wear floor system high is Promethean with the advanced technique, and broad client is antistatic to starlight the accredit of the floor, each project projects that have them are handed in by starlight antistatic the floor will carry out negotiable securities of government organization of such as of the ” that finish, banking, broadcasting television, traffic to carry, industry of electronic instrument, power.

We grasp holding “ to use best product, offer the best purpose that serves ” for the user, in the light of tall difficulty and exceed large project project, offer at any time perfect the service support that reachs major, it is the optimal partner that you complete project of high level project.

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