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Zhengzhou wave vessel is antistatic floor limited company

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Zhengzhou wave vessel is antistatic floor (fight electrostatic floor floor) limited company is Chinese Electric Energy Association antistatic branch member unit. The Ba Bacheng in A believes a member unit. The brand is antistatic floor manufacturer, what basically be engaged in computer computer room, communication computer room, clean workshop and modern intelligence changing the location such as Lou Yu is tall a complete steel is antistatic floor, pottery and porcelain of built on stilts is antistatic floor, aluminium alloy is antistatic floor, 3 prevent fight electrostatic floor, immensity is antistatic floor, compound antistatic floor, straight shop PVC is antistatic floor, plastic floor, the installation of floor of the production of electrostatic floor, sale, computer room serves network wearing air defence, reach relevant computer room to decorate etc. . . . . .

What our company produce is antistatic mobile floor is strict according to American CISCA " technology of mobile floor product asks " , british MOB " standard of mobile floor product " with our country occupation standard, SJ | / T10796-2001 " antistatic mobile floor is general and normative " production, product quality gets national MII antistatic center of product quality supervision and inspection is approbated. In countrywide each district bear built a lot of having representative high grade project. Offer antistatic floor installation is directive, the technology seeks advice. . .

Develop foreign market whole nation of Central Plains of company base oneself upon, sale, actively, hold to with “ quality the first, serve the first ” to be a tenet, with best product, provide first-class service for the user.

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