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Zhengzhou benefit is connected antistatic floor limited company

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Chinese electrostatic industry is famous enterprise - Zhengzhou benefit is connected antistatic floor limited company, it is stronger major is engaged in home antistatic floor of activity of built on stilts, complete steel is antistatic mobile floor, pottery and porcelain is antistatic floor, aluminium alloy is antistatic floor, 3 prevent fight electrostatic floor, immensity is antistatic floor, hem is antistatic floor, complete steel is ventilated antistatic floor, OA intelligence changes floor board of floor space activity, PVC is antistatic floor, floor of network built on stilts, antistatic the production of PVC floor, development, sale, technology seeks advice reach a service the company of new and high technology at an organic whole. Company assemble personnel of a batch of professional technologies is offerred for the client antistatic the introduction of floor series product, technology consults the construction team that waits for design and major. Service and antistatic what the floor gives priority to is professional company.
Come for years, company with high grade product, have competitive price, seasonable and considerate service won the reliance of new old client and support. Company line of the products is all ready, cover a range wide, use extensively already at the high-tech such as electron, communication, spaceflight, chemical industry, telescope most advanced domain. Of the company antistatic floor of activity of built on stilts is strict according to American CISCA " technology of mobile floor product asks " , British MOB " standard of mobile floor product " with SJ/T10796-2001 of our country occupation standard " antistatic mobile floor is general and normative " production, product quality gets national MII antistatic of center of product quality supervision and inspection approbate.
Our company serve as antistatic the manufacturer that the floor produces, depend on the company's rich actual strength and technical qualified personnel, hold to “ to use best product from beginning to end, offer best service ” for the user. The product won the wide recognition of broad user with advanced technology and good service.

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