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Trade of Beijing waterway project limited company

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Trade of Beijing waterway project limited company is located at Beijing to go in for sth in a large scale area of garden of industry of area wolf turn up soil, it is development of a market, design, production, sale and installation service the modern industry that is an organic whole, the celebrated canal card inside course of study is antistatic the main product that the floor is my company.

Since my company holds water oneself, devote oneself to to press MII all the time antistatic center of product quality supervision and inspection, antistatic mobile floor is general and normative SJ/T10796-2001, antistatic standard of GJB3007-1997 of requirement of working area technology. Company of imports and exports of the division in my company and province of Guangdong of branch department of Guangzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, associated research and development gives a put oneself in another's position permanent antistatic floor tile of pottery and porcelain, calcium sulfate metal is compound antistatic floor of pottery and porcelain, can spread continuously, but built on stilts, design and color —— of art of the science and technology in ” of card of canal of each different “ is antistatic product of project first selection. Insist to be a foundation with advanced technique equipment, it is with modernization management rely on, it is safeguard with specializationed excellent service, work up had the industry advantage of brand of “ canal ” , be reached the wide recognition of broad user by industry.

Quality is the life of the enterprise, come to my company value the investment on the technology very for years, introduce new facility and new technology ceaselessly, perfect science runs measure, enhance the strength of research and development of new product, make process high-quality goods hard, took the lead in passing attestation of ISO9001 quality system 2000. At the same time we analyse market trend actively, at the same time we analyse market trend actively, roll out new product ceaselessly, in order to satisfy the requirement that broad user individuation, trends changes. At present my company is mixed besides floor of network of set of card of ” of manufacturing “ canal antistatic outside mobile floor series. My company still offers a computer room to decorate, antistatic the project is transformed wait for engineering construction, adornment to serve.

Trade of Beijing waterway project limited company is a burgeoning enterprise, we will make full use of the talent of Beijing, science and technology and district advantage, act on “ to be forerunner with the market, beg with quality live, seek progress with credit, beg the tenet of perfect ” in order to serve, with when all is entered, wide make friend, pursue in all with domestic and international client development.

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