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Beijing humorous is installed antistatic floor limited company

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Beijing humorous is installed antistatic floor limited company is senior production company, major is engaged in design, research and development, production complete steel is antistatic floor, PVC is antistatic floor, aluminium alloy is antistatic the series product such as the floor.

The company produces base -- responsible production and research and development are compound floor series, full steel is antistatic floor series, aluminium alloy is antistatic floor series; The major that belongs to home to develop congener product the earliest produces manufacturer, what can offer a variety of series is antistatic floor and 3 kinds of network floors of series, add up to line of the products of more than 100 kinds of fractionize. To get used to the development state that company business extends increasingly, we came out the business department of the factory independently 2000, install to establish Beijing humorous antistatic floor limited company, be in charge of the sale of the product and service in the round.

This company production facilities is advanced, technical force is abundant, have a batch of seasoned, well-trained production and construction team, in efficient management system falls, the enterprise is in benign development course all the time, go in the front row of the industry.

The service of fine carve of carve of essence of life makes we devote oneself to to make the first brand of floor of domestic computer room all the time. For this we insist not to make cheap product, and the quality that improves a product hard and after service ability, the most high grade product and the most considerate service sign up for force contention to come for years back and forth domestic and international new old client's indefatigable to us support.

Product of our religiosity “ the top-ranking, management that serves top-ranking ” is politic, wish to pass what the company fluctuates to try hard simultaneously, the happiness that achieves “ humorous to install ” floor board in all tomorrow!

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